Artist Profile - Natalie Dyer

Natalie Dyer is a highly inspired artist. She paints with a genuine gift and has a unique ability to involve her audience as she depicts our everyday lives in a fresh and vibrant way. Natalie enjoys pushing the boundaries between the traditional and the contemporary – feeling equally comfortable in both. Her versatility means that people from all walks of life can identify with, and are uplifted by her paintings – keeping her constantly busy in her favourite place, her studio.

Natalie’s “Women with Attitude” series – is a whimsical look at what women today just love to do – they are as popular as her enchanting, softly-flowing girls walking in a haze of lavender fields or along quiet beaches. Vibrant flowers and rich, colourful abstracts also tantalise art lovers, whilst her landscapes, streetscapes and seascapes will often showcase the beauty of her surrounding.

Any work that Natalie paints illustrates in a very obvious way her creative and technical skills gathered through many years of experience. Natalie was trained as a young student at the School of Graphic Design in Sydney prior to technology, when training was rigorous and students’ illustration and other fine art skills were highly developed. She then worked within the industry, moving on to set up her own successful art studio. Moving to sunny Queensland from Sydney, Natalie taught art classes for a number of years, but is now happiest when painting from her studio in Noosa, Australia.

Natalie’s professionalism, diversity and storytelling has found her much approval with art buyers and collectors from around the world, with much of her work hanging in private collections. Unlike many artists, Natalie loves commission work and consequently much of her time is spent this way.

Through her work, Natalie seeks to give her viewers a little bit of “time out” to appreciate the little, but important things in life that can sometimes be overlooked. Much of her influence comes from the Masters, her favourite being John Singer Sargent. His amazing portraits inspire Natalie’s passion for portraiture. Modern-day masters such as Frederick McCubbin, Richard Schmidt and David Leffel also inspire her, as does Modigliani, who constantly challenged what was regarded as acceptable art of his day.

Natalie was recently honoured by being selected as the commissioned artist to complete 225 paintings for one of Australia’s brand new award-winning 5-star boutique hotels in Perth, Western Australia – The Richardson.

Natalie participates in exhibitions around Australia and is represented in galleries on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast as well as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.