Artist Profile - Judith Leman

The work of Judith Leman centres on the genre of art that encompasses the traditional “Sports” of horses. Her use of various mediums is a means of exploring ideas and responses to the subject.

Judith’s interest in the equine subject began early in her childhood together with her interest in art. Her Belgian-born grandfather, a professional painter, provided an initial awareness of a career in this field.

Judith has worked for over 30 years as an artist painting in oil and watercolour in the fields of Foxhunting, Horseracing and Classical Dressage. Her talent in painting Foxhounds and Sporting Dogs has contributed to her being recognised as one of the premier portrait artists in Canine Art.

Judith has made a transition into sculpture, a natural move forward, which allows her to explore the attitudes of dogs and horses, supporting the gestures of movement and energy in a traditional form of action. Influenced by the works of Edgar Degas and Rembrandt Bugatti, Judith nurtures her ideas and themes in wax and clay and casts in bronze.

Her works appear in collections and publications worldwide.