Artist Profile - Donald James Waters

Donald James Waters has been painting as far back as he can remember. He had dreams of painting full-time even in the last year of school, but social norms and his family's disapproval put those dreams on hold. Thirty five years ago, he met his wife, Margaret, who gave him the permission and the confidence to make his dreams a reality, and today he is a well-established Australian artist with pieces in collections all over the world. Origin Publishing have been proud to have Donald's work as a part of "The Origin Collection" since 2003.

Donald is a man who is passionate about his art. He sees it as an adventure that must be experienced not only by the artist but also by the viewer. When speaking with him, you cannot help but be engulfed by his presence. He sees the world from a spiritual, beautiful and somewhat naive perspective. Listening to Don, you are plunged into the vibrant and colourful world that he endeavours to create on canvas.

Amongst his many personal ideals there has always been a sense of movement and colour, and, his latest series with the elongated figures in childlike situations has emphasized this. He draws from his vast experiences both on the coast and inland Australia to bring his paintings to life with a dash of humour and excitement.

To Don art must always remain an adventure; he assimilates this to the emotion of driving into a new land and looking down into a valley he has never been before.

Living in a rain forest thus surrounded by the colour and movement of nature, Don’s artworks are a reflection of his environment…the lush green of fernery, the flicker of a colourful lorikeet from the corner of your eye, or the sun as it filters through the leaves.

Don has crossed many milestones and achieved success of which he is proud.

Don’s international career is now gaining momentum - having had one-man exhibitions in both England and New Zealand. He has paintings included in Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s II Art Collection and during the Queen’s stay at CHOGM he was asked to design paintings to decorate the dignitary reception and accommodation areas.

Don has been invited to present motivational speeches and after dinner talks by the likes of MLC and was compare of the Queensland Builders Designs Awards for 2003.

Life Experiences

Born Sydney, Australia
Studied with Australian Artist Francis Lymbumer
Entered Hawksbury Agricultural College
Compare of Property & Finance Show - WBQ8 TV
First One man Exhibition: - Alchednga Gallery, Maryborough Queensland First
Artist: - Quest Community Newspapers Brisbane Qld
Artist: - Sun Newspapers - Gold Coast – Queensland
Lest We Forget Collection (Legacy War Series) toured Australia & New Zealand
First living Artist to Exhibit in New Parliament House – Canberra
First Artist to Exhibit Brisbane Convention Centre
Painting Assignment into Indonesia
Commission to paint labels for collectors bottle of Beenleigh Rum & Gallery
8 Wine Paintings included in Her Majesty
Queen Elizabeth 11 Art Collection