Artist Profile - Brian Wood

Born in London in 1948 Brian emigrated to Australia at the age of eight with his family.

An ability to draw became apparent very early but interest in painting only developed at age 20 whilst recovering from a broken leg.

Being a lost at a number of the mundane jobs Brian found himself serving in the Australian army during the bad old days of national service. His ability with a camera or pencil caused him to be utilised as an infantryman/photographer and recording his battalions tour for both intelligence purposes and posterity as well as providing sketches for newsletters etc.

Discharged in 1972 he roamed abroad for four years working in a variety of jobs from North Sea oil rigs to the South African fishing boat finally returning to Australia to settle into a job with the port of Melbourne emergency service.

All the time his recreation was painting and so this totally self-taught artist gained the confidence to exhibit his work and to be invited to join the Guild of realist artists. Giving up work with the Port Authority in 1991, Brian embarked on painting fulltime and becoming a member of the Australian society of Marine artists and winning a number of awards.

His foray into print publishing came as a result of his first prize in Sydneys Royal Easter show in 1993. This took him to Britain and involvement with Cramston Fine Arts a print publisher of historical subjects.